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From 2016 up until now, Tuna have continuously been aiding Helpr in developing their cross platform mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. 

Helpr makes intuitive and slick mobile apps for insurance companies all over europe. Tuna

Lately we have been aiding Helpr on an mobile app for SOS International called Smart Assistance, targeted at businesses. The applications gives a car driver the ability to monitor any errors that might occur on their vehicle and quickly get road side assistance if fatal errors are detected. 
It also tracks all the trips you make and provides you with an eco score on how energi sufficient your driving has been. 

That app is build in Ionic and works on both iOS and Android. 


Smart Vejhjælp - Få en smartere vejhjælpsløsning, der kan ses på bundlinjen | SOS Dansk Autohjælp